Lineup #100

All about the Benjamins, baby.

We made it to 100! To celebrate, I present to you 2 gifts:

Number 1

With help from PH, I've created The Official Monday Lineup, one single playlist that I'll drop the contents of the latest Lineup into every Monday morning. That way, all you need to do is follow this one playlist and keep it at the top of your Spotify sidebar to ensure you never miss a Spotify Lineup (be sure to sign up for email alerts at the bottom of the homepoage so you have access to Lineups I post on SoundCloud!).

Click here to follow The Official Monday Lineup on Spotify!

Don't worry, I'll also be simultaneously creating the archived version of each Lineup as a separate playlist as I always have (and posting that version here on the blog), so you can still follow your favorites and hit up my Spotify account any time you'd like to revisit a Lineup of the past.

Number 2

Speaking of the past...

100 Lineups is a lot of playlists, and a lot of music. If each Lineup averages about 16 songs, or about 65 minutes, that means I've posted nearly 1,600 unique songs and over 100 hours of music since starting TML in September 2014.

In a world where access to music is seemingly infinite, I find myself spending an extensive amount of time scouring the Internet for new music every week. Personally, I think it's one of the best addictions a girl could hope to be cursed blessed with, but sometimes I forget to take a step back and embrace past discoveries, and all of the beautiful, inspiring, hit-you-right-at-the-core music that came along with them.

Lineup #100 was the perfect excuse to do.

Thus, this week's Lineup is a journey through the history of TML. Starting with Lineup #1 (not an actual playlist and now appears to have multiple broken SoundCloud links, oh the humble beginnings) and ending with current day TML, I went through every Lineup and chose a single song to feature in order from past to present. Instead of picking a favorite song from each one (that would have been absolutely impossible and is ulcer inducing just to think about), I went with my gut and picked the first song that stuck out to me - whether a forgotten favorite, an instant classic or one of those songs that immediately, vividly transports me back to another moment in time.

Normally I spend many minutes, maybe hours even, meticulously choosing the order of the songs in each Lineup to ensure maximum cohesion and flow. But this week, I let fate take control of the decks - which is why you'll see things like Ariana Grande sandwiched between Beach House and Father John Misty, both the original version and the Soulwax remix of "Let It Happen" by Tame Impala in the same playlist and 5 appearances by my man Kanye West.

And while no single playlist can ever embody everything that TML has become (even this Lineup represents less than 6% of the music that I've posted), Lineup #100 turned out to be quite a fun and special way to celebrate 100 weeks of better Mondays together. Thanks for coming along for the journey.

And a special thank you to ES who designed the awesome Lineup #100 artwork to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Listen to this week's Lineup below, or click here to find it on Spotify.

And click here to follow The Official Monday Lineup playlist, auto-refreshed with the newest Lineup every Monday morning.

Until next Monday.

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