Lineup #105

Happy 2 years!

Today, The Monday Lineup turns 2 years old. And in blog years, this means that TML is really growing up.

In honor of The Monday Lineup's 2nd Birthday, I'm beyond excited to share with you a brand new, completely upgraded version of The TML website. Not only does it look pretty AF, but you can now do things like easily access this week's lineup on demand, read feature posts (like festival and concert reviews), learn more about the artists and albums I'm currently listening to and even more to come. Did I mentioned it is also really pretty?

You can think of this as a little birthday gift from me to you. I hope you love it.

But as we all know, growing up does not come without growing pains. Without getting too technical, I'm in the process of updating my email platform so that I can bring you better and richer content, and it’s a complicated process. If you want to be 1000% positive that you'll always receive updates from The Monday Lineup, fill in your email in the subscription box below. (If you are thinking to yourself, hm! I didn't get my weekly email last week, this message especially applies to you).

But really, the most important thing is your support over these past two years. Whether you've been a part of the TML family since day 1 or are just discovering TML today, thanks for listening. And here's to many, many more music-filled Mondays together.

Lineup #105 is a classic TML mixtape, and the perfect soundtrack for perusing the new TML site.

Infinite thanks to JJP whose CSS and HTML skills took this new site from a dream to reality, to ES for the fun Lineup #105 artwork, RT for keeping the team fed and hydrated during many long days and late nights and to JMS for great tunes as always.

Listen to this week's Lineup below, or click here to find it on Spotify.

As always, you can here follow The Official Monday Lineup playlist on Spotify, auto-refreshed with the newest Lineup every Monday morning.

Until next Monday.

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