Lineup #111


Halloween can be a spooky time, but lucky for you, this week's Lineup is full of all treats and no tricks. It's a playlist of blood, witches, ghosts, werewolves, monsters, graveyards, psycho killers and much more, but absolutely no scaries. Only the good feels.

Also it should be noted that there are a surprising amount of songs written about blood and ghosts and other Halloween themed nomenclature, and it was both incredibly fun and equally as agonizing to pair down my original list of songs to a standard Lineup length. Pour one out for Zombie by The Cranberries and Spiderwebs by No Doubt.

Hope your Halloween is candy-filled and weird in all the good ways. And if you've already been celebrating all weekend, Lineup #111 should help bring you right back from the dead.

Listen to this week's Lineup below. And as always, you can click here follow The Official Monday Lineup playlist on Spotify, auto-refreshed with the newest Lineup every Monday morning.

Until next Monday.

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