Lineup #116

It's almost that time...

Yes, that time of the year when music junkies like myself spend hours of time debating the best albums, the best songs, the best festivals and probably even the best (and worst) lines from Kanye West's The Life of Pablo. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to both TML's website and The Monday Lineup Radio Show on for a bounty of 2016 year-end goodies. We'll say #kthanxbai to a a year that most of us probably don't want to relive, but not without first expressing immense gratitude for all of the new music that was gifted to us in 2016.

But more on that soon! This week you get a classic, genre spanning Lineup of old and new songs that have been just doing it for me lately. I think you'll love 'em.

On a more somber note, Lineup #116 is dedicated to the victims of the unimaginable tragedy of the fire in Oakland this past weekend. I'm fortunate enough to be spared the heartbreak of personally knowing anyone who was at Ghostship on Friday night, but that's not the case for friends and for so many people of our music and arts community here in the Bay Area who lost friends and loved ones, homes and studio spaces. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected. Should you wish, you can donate to the Fire Relief Fund here.

Until next Monday.

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