Lineup #117


Did you know that the word antepenultimate means "third to last in a series"? Great, me neither, until I looked it up while writing today's post and prepping Lineup #117. But it's true, and this week is the third to last Lineup of 2016.

We'll spend the last 2 weeks of December celebrating the past year (spoiler alert, 2016 was a f*cking great year in music despite pretty much everything else falling apart), but this week I couldn't help but make one last classic-style TML mixtape to get you through these final weeks before the holidays. It's got a bunch of great tracks from 2016 (c/0 GvsB's SONGS OF 2016 playlist) and then some other random songs I threw in there. You know the drill.

Pro Tip: If you want a sneak peak into TML's top albums of 2016, check out today's episode of The Monday Lineup radio show on For the rest of December I'll be counting down from #30 until we hit #1. Who will come out on top?

Until next Monday.

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