Lineup #124


I'm not gonna lie, the original version of Lineup #124 looked like this:

If you aren't familiar with YG's FDT feat. Nipsey Hussle, "FDT" stands for "Fuck Donald Trump" and was released almost a year ago. Like most of you, I've felt a lot of things over the past week, and FDT was certainly one of them. Over and over again. And I seriously toyed with the idea of a playlist that expressed that sentiment (and that sentiment only).

But my better judgement won over, knowing that you deserve better than a Lineup of one song on repeat - although obviously no judgement if you do decide to play that song over and over again these days (weeks? months? years?) or have already been through that phase in the past 10 months.

It's never been clearer that it's time to rise up, stay informed, fight for what's right and show support to those who need our help. And it's only the beginning. Lineup #124 is a combination of songs that are speaking to me in the light of the events of the past few days, songs that make me inspired to do the work that needs to be done and songs that just make me feel good. And while I know that no Lineup will save the world, I hope that there's something in Lineup #124 that empowers you to keep pushing on.

Until next Monday.

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