Lineup #125

Happy February.

I say it with a bit of reservation, but February actually might kind of be off to a good start! It's Footlong Fest at Subway, the Patriots won the Super Bowl in a comeback of epic proportions (don't worry, I donated to organizations like CSGV for every Pats score offset the highly questionable political footprint of the team), Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer was better than anything I could have imagined, and as I write this, Trump's Travel/Muslim Ban is currently on hold.

From the music side of things, Father John Misty is on a roll and Lady Gaga dominated the half-time show. We've got new tracks from Future Islands, Vince Staples and London Grammar (to name a few) and I have a whole slew of new albums on queue to listen to next week (and of course will share the best of the best with you pronto).

Who the f*ck knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'll take this little moment of joy for right now. And if things turn cold and scary again, Lineup #125's got good vibes of all kinds to help make it a little bit better.

Until next Monday.

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