Lineup #132

Feeling victorious.

Last Friday was a pretty great one. Not only did we get to do a victory dance for the ACA, but we got an absolutely fire Kendrick track, 4 new Gorillaz songs (this album has the most bonkers guest features, btw), a Blondie song written by none other than Dev Hynes, a 3rd new London Grammar single and finally, after 12 years, a new full-length, one-take album from my favorite Belgian brothers, Soulwax.

There have been many predictions going around about how such an intense political climate both in the US and abroad would influence music in 2017. Would music thrive in this time of resistance with artists channelling their fear, anger and frustration into their art? Or would it take a backseat to other issues that one might argue could be more important to focus on?

I know the future's uncertain and we're only 3 months in, but I'm gonna go ahead and say this year is going to be a good one (at least for music). Varying opinions on what the Internet has done to the music world aside, there's no denying that our ability to instantly create and access music makes it all the more relevant and all the more important. You can feel themes like the importance of truth, the power of loving one another and unmistakeable political resistance all over some of 2017's best releases.

And since the next few years will be marathon, and not a sprint, it's important to have some straight up good beats to groove to. Or to soundtrack a little victory dance. Lineup #133 is perfect for both.

Until next Monday.

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