Lineup #143

Summer of Love.

I'm writing this post from one of my favorite places in the world - Berlin. I have to keep pinching myself that I got to go to Primavera in Barcelona, and then hop on a plane to spend over a week pretending to be a Berliner (and then off to Norway to see my parents - hi Mom & Dad!).

In any case, before I left for my trip, my girl DJK (aka THM) and I went to the Summer of Love exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco, which chronicled the iconic counterculture born in San Francisco in the years surrounding 1967. It was incredible, and if you'll be passing through San Francisco between now and August 20th you should definitely check it out. Not surprising, my favorite parts of the exhibit were music related, and so I knew that at some point this summer I'd have to put together a San Francisco Summer of Love themed Lineup. Since I knew I wouldn't have lots of time to focus on finding new music while traveling, I decided last week that I'd put it together during some downtime in Berlin (since the exhibit did most of the work for me already).

At first it felt a bit funny putting together a Lineup honoring my home city of nearly 10(!) years in a foreign country. However, when I opened my computer this morning and saw that this week is Lineup #143 (aka the numeric version of "I Love You") and that the WiFi password at the cafe I'm at is "followthewhiterabbit" (an homage to Jefferson Airplane I have to believe), I knew it was the right week.

So I hope you enjoy this special Summer of Love edition of TML, and I'll catch ya stateside next week with a whole slew of new tunes from around the world.

Until next Monday.

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