Lineup #145

Ready for the (long) weekend.

This past two day weekend felt really short. Right?

I'm officially ready for the long holiday weekend, and I'm planning to get through the next 5 days with a healthy dose of Lineup #145. (And Lorde's Melodrama, who am I kidding).

And while it's pretty damn cool that The Monday Lineup has been helping to cure the Monday scaries for 145 weeks straight, there's some things music can't fix. It feels pretty scary to express my political opinions here rather than just my musical ones, but this feels too important to stay quiet about. Real talk, we need affordable health care in this country, and there's a lot at stake right now. So this is where I ask you to join me in making sure your Senators know how you feel about health care and making sure they know how important it is to write and pass legislature in an open and transparent and environment and not behind closed doors. Let's be sure there's lots to celebrate this weekend.

Now back to the music, thanks for listening. <3

Until next Monday.

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