Lineup #151


Summer in San Francisco is a funny little thing. I am of the opinion that our real Summer starts at the beginning of September exactly when everyone else's ends. Right now, Fogust (i.e. Fog + August) is in full swing. Even so, there's something special about Summer in this city (just ask the people who were here in '67). You never really know what you're in for - and while it most certainly will be foggy in the morning, it might be breezy, sunny, humid, cloudy or any number of combinations of climates over the course of a day. And while I am the first to sign up for a day-trip our weekend escape into the sunnier parts of Northern California, this weekend I was totally digging on our weird, moody, unpredictable Summer weather vibes.

Which is completely reflected in Lineup #151.

Until next Monday.

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