Lineup #158

Breaking Rules.

I wrote this post and simultaneously made this week's Lineup after experiencing the last chapter of Taylor Mac's exquisite and honestly indescribable 24-Decade History of Popular Music. It was a 6 hour performance. I'm exhausted. Taylor Mac is probably 100x more exhausted (or maybe not. Taylor Mac is an actual super hero so you never know). But that's not the point.

The point is that a show like this was like nothing I have ever seen before (and objectively I see a lot of sh*t). I am not going to use The Monday Lineup as a platform to pour out all of the thoughts, revelations and life lessons I had during the show, but there were 2 things that inspired Lineup 158, so it feels right to share:

1) How you are feeling is appropriate. So feel it. 2) Break the f*cking rules.

Right now I'm feeling very drawn to music that's more downtempo, contemporary R&B, and soft yet powerful vocals. So that's what we get to listen to this week. And I'm breaking a self-imposed rule that I've put in place for the last 157 Lineups - a rule that I don't (knowingly) repeat songs from week to week. I originally made this rule to help me on my toes and give you a fresh Lineup every week. But this week I am proudly breaking that rule, and it feels great. Hopefully you think so too.

Until next Monday

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