Lineup #162


Here's the thing. I just got back to San Francisco after a trip to Montana to watch two of my favorite humans get married. I also brought back a completely busted knee after a super cute fall while trying to get one last hike in before heading home. I suppose it serves me right for deciding to hike 5 miles after 3 nights of parties.

In any case, I've never come closer to throwing in the towel and not posting a Lineup. But after 161 weeks, I couldn't bring myself to break my streak. And thus, I present to you Lineup #162 - literally the last 15 songs I had pulled for future playlists with no thought put into the order or anything else. Despite the fact that this week's Lineup is by far the most hastily put together in TML history, in my biased opinion, it ain't so bad. Hope it does the trick for you too.

Until next Monday.

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