Lineup #165

Getting cozy.

Mid-November is when it starts to get "cold" in Northern California. Maybe we don't get to experience the "wonder" of the changing seasons (in quotes because I do not miss the days of shoveling snow in Boston in my youth), but we do get just enough of a temperature drop and a bit of precipitation that we still get to all the fun cold-weather cozy things. For me, this includes bundling up in my favorite jackets and scarves, wearing my favorite tall socks, busting out my hot water bottle, and of course holing up and listening to as much James Blake as possible (ideally with a hot cup of tea in hand).

I didn't necessarily create Lineup #165 with cozy-ing up in mind, but since I'm fully getting in the cold weather spirit and these are the songs that are hitting the spot for me right now, it should warm you right up.

Until next Monday.

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