Lineup #172

Happy New Year!

It's now 2018 (feels very weird to write that), but surprise! I'm not ready to say goodbye to 2017's music quite yet, nor am I ready to go back to 1-hour playlists. Because let's face it - "best of" season only comes along once a year and I am definitely milking it for all it's worth.

On that note, while agonizing over what tracks to include in this year's Top 100 Lineup, it became very clear to me that there was a whole slew of songs that I included in Lineups in 2017, but had since overlooked or had fallen out of rotation. Why? I'm not sure - but certainly not for lack of quality. These songs deserve much more love that I gave them, which is why Lineup #172 consists of 50 songs from 2017 worth revisiting to help bring in the new year.

Hopefully you'll find a few long lost favorites in here as well. And maybe this extended 50-song Lineup will even make going back to work / real life after the holidays tolerable.

Until next Monday.

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