Lineup #201

Pour one out for FYF.

If things had gone to plan, I would have been sending out this week's Lineup from sunny Los Angeles, after 2 days of music at FYF Fest, a festival that quickly rose in the rankings to be one of my favorite on U.S. soil. But like many things in 2018, FYF super fans like myself had the rug pulled out from under us when the festival was suddenly cancelled in May, allegedly because of low ticket sales.

As the LA Times wrote, this was especially disappointing because after FYF parted ways with its founder Sean Carlson (who turned out to be an awful guy), the festival was taken over by a team of women who worked hard to build a lineup with two female headliners and a far more gender-inclusive lineup than what can be found at most music festivals.

And while I'm not so upset to wake up rested and refreshed this morning instead of with my usual post-festival depleted physical state, it is truly a shame that this excellently curated, genre-spanning, female-driven festival never got a chance to come to life. I sincerely hope we'll see the return of FYF in the near future.

In the meantime, I've memorialized some of my favorite artists on this year's bill in Lineup #201, because the FYF 2018 lineup deserves to be heard. And considering how good the FYF lineup was, this week's lineup might quickly become one of your favorites.

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