Lineup #221

Top 25: Winter 2018

With four remaining Lineups in 2018, it is my great pleasure to kick off TML’s Top 25 series this week with Lineup #221!

As I’ve said many times before, recap season is my own personal holiday season and I love experimenting with different ways to celebrate the best music that’s come into my life over the past 365.

This year, I’m going seasonal and breaking my 2018 lists into four Top 25 playlists: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. What list a song falls on is based (roughly) on when I first discovered it, or when it was most prominent in my rotation. And rather than dropping a massive 6+ hour playlist on you all at once, I thought it would be nice to try and pace things out a bit.

I also thought it might be less onerous to give myself some seasonal boundaries, but it turns out even in Winter - which is generally considered to be a slower time for new music releases - it was muy dificil to cut my original list of 50+ songs from Winter down to 25.

Wish me luck for Spring. And in the meantime, enjoy Lineup #221. 2018 was an incredibly good year for music, and I can’t wait to close out the year sharing the best of it all with you.

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