Lineup #223

Top 25: Summer 2018

It might be a freezing cold, white Christmas here in Massachusetts where I’m spending the holidays, but Summer is in full swing here at The Monday Lineup. Welcome to the third installment of TML’s Top 25 of 2018: Summer.

For me, Summer 2018 was defined by Blood Orange, Mitski, Christine and The Queens, the sugar-coated pop of Kim Petras and of course, the return of Robyn (who, spoiler alert! will play a big part in the Fall edition of this series). Summer was also the season of Issa Rae’s Insecure and Ryan Murphy’s Pose - filling my rotation with up and coming hip hop and R&B and 80s house classics, respectively.

All that’s to say, Summer 2018 did not disappoint. And when you’re ready to be done with Christmas music, Lineup #223 will be here to transport you back to the sun and sand.

And yes, for those of you paying attention, there are 26 songs in this playlist because Blood Orange’s Charcoal Baby just isn’t the same without Janet Mock’s intro.