Lineup #228

Grandfather’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Inn グランドファーザーズ

This week’s Lineup is dedicated to a major highlight of my trip to Japan, and quite possibly my new favorite bar on the planet, Grandfather’s in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In Japan, there is such a thing as bars dedicated to the act of listening to music - not dancing, not raging with friends over a loud DJ - literally just listening to curated music through high quality speakers. Could anything be more perfect?

Based on my experience at Grandfather’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Inn in the basement of a very unassuming office-looking building, my answer to the above question is no. All night, the bartenders who double as DJs pick out songs to play from their massive vinyl collection one by one. They hang the album cover of whatever song is playing on the wall. People keep their voices down at respectable levels - unless of course you have the urge to sing along, which all of us did when Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me” came on (still unsure why this is the one that got everyone going but I’ll take it).

Most importantly, the selections were impeccable. The listening bars throughout. Japan focus on all different genres, but Grandfather’s, as you’ll soon hear in Lineup #228, has a penchant for 1970s AOR and 1980s classics. Each song on this week’s Lineup was played at Grandfather’s last Monday night in Japan - so grab a whiskey highball (in a few hours) and enjoy.