Lineup #251

It’s been a tradition of mine to keep a (secret) running playlist of albums / EPs I like throughout the year, adding an album to said playlist once it feels right (we’re very scientific here at TML HQ). All joking aside, it’s an important way for me to keep track of things I especially love and want to intentionally return to throughout the year.

In the past 6 weeks or so, I have dragged a whopping 10 albums into this playlist which feels like some sort of record (again, science!). So, I decided to make the foundation of Lineup #251 songs from these albums, with a few other goodies sprinkled through. Some you’ve heard in Lineups before, others may be brand new - but what I can say is that this is exactly the playlist I need after this extended holiday weekend, so hopefully it is for you too.

And while the playlist is my personal playground, you can check out an ever-changing slide show of my favorite albums of the year right on TML’s home page.