Lineup #53

And just like that, TML is 1 year old.

Writing a blog full of weekly playlists is completely meaningless if you don't have people to share them with. Whether you are a diehard fan who has listened to every Lineup ever, someone who has just scratched the surface of the music on the site, or maybe you are visiting The Monday Lineup for the very first time - thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and love. The joy I feel when someone tells me that they liked a featured song, or that a particular Lineup is getting them through their day or week is the reason that I've spent countless hours scouring the Internet and my music libraries to put together a year's worth of playlists.

This week's Lineup is especially significant to me, not just because it's a huge milestone for this little blog, but because of who helped me make it. Over the years (and especially over the past year) AD, AT, DD, EGM, JL, JMS, MKH, NDW, PH and RT and many others have turned me onto new tracks and introduced me to new artists that have quickly become old favorites and TML staples. Thus, it only seemed fitting to honor their phenomenal taste in music by letting them take the wheel for this anniversary Lineup. Lineup #53 consists of 2 hours of handpicked tracks from the individuals mentioned above, with 13 previously featured songs and 17 brand new to TML. While each of these contributors have their own distinct style and taste, they blend together perfectly to celebrate one year of making Mondays better, one song at a time.

The Monday Lineup was created out of the idea that with a few good jams to listen to, we can conquer Monday together. And one year in, I think we've done a pretty f*cking good job.

Until next Monday.

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