Lineup #62

And now a break from your previously scheduled program.

It goes without saying that one album has dominated the airwaves since Friday. If we're being totally honest with one another, Lineup #62 might as well just be Lineup "25". But how many times can you really listen to "Send My Love (To Your Lover)" and "When We Were Young"? Okay, infinity. But since we can't stream them, and since I have your attention, I thought I'd give you some light reading material: my favorite Adele related press from the past few weeks (plus one of my all time favorite pieces about pop song writing mastermind Max Martin).

If reading is not your thing, Lineup #62 is ready and waiting to give you your weekly dose of pick-me-up. I had quite a bit of fun revisiting some of my old nu-disco favorites for Lineup #61, so there's a little more of that this week plus some newer SoundCloud favorites blended with a few classic TML tracks.

Until next Monday.

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