Lineup #67

The 3rd Annual SoundCloud Honor Roll.

The SoundCloud Honor Roll is a yearly tradition that was started in 2013. In a way, the concept of pulling together my favorite finds on SoundCloud for the year was sort of the blueprint for TML, so this playlist will always hold special significance for me, despite a general public shift towards listening to music on the big streaming players like Spotify, etc.

For that reason, I thought my 2015 Honor Roll might be shorter than in previous years but I was, um, very wrong (and the final playlist is 30% shorter than when I started it so...).

I recognize it can be a little overwhelming to have nearly 10 hours of music thrust upon you on a Monday, but take your time. It will be worth it. I promise. Maybe even save it for that first day back at work after the holidays where you literally need to be inside your headphones for the entire duration of the day without interruption in order to survive. I'll be right there with you.

In any case, these are all songs that I've fallen in love with over the year for one reason or another, and my hope is that with at least some of them, you'll feel the same. Of course no Honor Roll is complete without mention of the people that made it happen: AT, DD, ED, EGM, ES, JWL, JMS, KC, MKH, PH, RJH, RS, RT, and many others. You all rule.

That's a wrap, 2015. Thanks for everything. Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.

Until next Monday.