Lineup #76

What is it about the Nineties?

One night last week, for no particular reason, I decided that this week's Lineup would be a Nineties Lineup. However, it actually makes perfect sense since if I was born on a Leap Day like today, I would only be approximately 6.75 years old and thus still smack in the middle of what would some argue was the best decade of all time.

Honestly, I think this Lineup could have ended up being at least 5 hours long - it quickly became obvious that trying to fit an entire decade of music into one hour-long Lineup was an impossible undertaking. So, instead Lineup #76 became kind of a mixtape of all the songs that I used to hear when my mom drove me around in her mini-van as a kid, jumpstarted by a flood of ideas from JMS and RT (who, let's be honest, pretty much did this Lineup for me when I found myself nursing a cute little hangover on Sunday).

Let the nostalgia commence.

Listen to this week's Lineup below, or click here to find it on Spotify.

Until next Monday.

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