Lineup #85

Spring SoundCloud.

This weekend in San Francisco was an absolute stunner, and you can feel the Summer vibes creeping their way right into Lineup #85.

Lineup #85 is also a TML first. For the first time ever, I'm posting this week's Lineup on both Spotify and SoundCloud. I actually used my newly re-curated SoundCloud Stream (what up Spring cleaning!) to find some amazing new music this past week, but posted the Lineup on Spotify as well so that: a) you could all find it easily and so that b) I can be sure none of these tracks will ever disappear from SoundCloud (which sadly happens far too often).

Listen to this week's Lineup below, or click here to find it on Spotify.

You can also find the extended version on SoundCloud here, with 5 great tracks exclusively available on SoundCloud.

Until next Monday.