Lineup #200

Today is a pretty momentous one over here at TML HQ. Not only have I hit the wild and crazy milestone of creating playlists 200 weeks in a row without interruption, but you might notice something, oh, I don't know, slightly different about the website.

And by slightly different, of course I mean that The Monday Lineup has undergone it's biggest and baddest makeover since I got started with this project almost 4 years ago! I'm not one to toot my own horn, but hot damn this new version totally takes TML to the next level.

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Lineup #199

In the past 2 weeks I’ve spent more waking hours in airports and airplanes than in my own city. It’s been a beautiful whirlwind of friends, family and once in a lifetime travel experiences, and while I’m the first to admit how happy I am to sleep in my own bed again, I have an emotional hangover coming on unlike any other. So, some good music is of the upmost importance this week.

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Lineup #195

I know I'm like a broken record in this email newsletter, each week saying, "so much good new music is coming out, bla bla bla". But, after going slightly off the music grid (save for 30 waking hours at a music festival) it feels like the world has exploded with new releases…

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