Lineup #1.5

Summertime Forever.

I spent a good deal of the Cardinals - 49ers game (woof) thinking of a way to justify posting a Summer Playlist in the middle of September. And while it actually still is summer in San Francisco, in reality setting up this blog str8 up took longer than I thought. Like 3 weeks longer.

So, I just decided to hit you with a special bonus (!) summer playlist to help kick off The Monday Lineup. Green Day suggests that we just sleep until September is over, but I say all we need is the perfect playlist to help relive the good times of Summer. Also rosé. Because in my world it never goes out of season.

So without further ado, your special edition playlist of the tunes I had on repeat all summer. Special thanks to EGM, JMS, OEB and NDW for the inspiration.

Until next Monday.

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