Lineup #107

To Listen.

A lot of new music has been released in the past couple of weeks. Like, a lot. My "To Listen" queue is currently clocking in at 26 hours and 15 minutes. Lol.

And while I'm behind on all the albums I want to listen to, what I can say is that Bon Iver's 22, A Million has quickly climbed in the rankings to become one of my top albums of 2016. Which, in a year with new Kanye, James, Chance, Frank, and Dev plus a whole bunch of stellar debuts from newcomers, says a lot. Please do yourself a favor, download the album if you haven't already, put your phone in Airplane Mode, press play and start walking. You'll be very happy you did.

Lineup #107 is mix of some newer stuff I've been playing, plus a few hot tips from DA and JJP, and other things that felt right to play to kickoff October (and the Jewish New Year. Shana Tova to all my Jewish homies out there!). If you like what you hear, it's likely there's a somewhat new album out by that artist for you to enjoy. Lineup #107: the gift that keeps on giving.

Listen to this week's Lineup below. And as always, you can click here follow The Official Monday Lineup playlist on Spotify, auto-refreshed with the newest Lineup every Monday morning.

Until next Monday.

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