Lineup #12

Let's do it live.

If 2013 was the year for album releases, 2014 (at least for me) was the year for live music. In total, I will clock in at 28 concerts and 3 festivals meaning that approximately every 10.4 days I was experiencing live music of some kind. And while I'm purposely avoiding calculating how much money I spent, I can say is that it was all totally worth it.

It would be too difficult to rank each experience, so instead this week's Lineup is a recap of all of the best moments for me in live music this year. In approximate order, each individual concert is represented by 1 song, and each festival is represented by a handful of songs - except the stuff that's only on SoundCloud that's unfortunately missing (most notably this and this and this).

I'm pretty bad at documenting concerts and festivals with photos and videos (okay fine, my Snap stories are really great hashtag follow me), but as I reflect on my 2014 in concerts, this Lineup more than does the trick to bring me right back to the shows.

If you were with me at any of them, I hope you feel the same way. And if you weren't, it's pretty clear that I have trouble saying no when it comes to live music so let's start off 2015 with a bang, shall we?

Until next Monday.

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