Lineup #13

Let the recaps continue!

This week's Lineup was inspired by my favorite albums of 2014.

The keyword here is favorite. I am in no way calling these the "best" or "greatest" albums released this year. I can already count a handful of albums that critics are loving on right now that are 100% absent from my list. I'm also breaking rules and including albums that I discovered this year that had been released in years prior.

Because good music is worth breaking rules for. Especially albums that have seen me through the best days, the worst days, the long days at the office, the road trips to Tahoe and Palm Springs, the Bay to Breakers pre, during and post parties (I see you Chromeo) and the infinite hours spent in mine and RT's kitchens.

I love carefully constructing the perfect playlist, but it's always the best treat to find albums that are perfect listen-throughs in and of themselves. And an even better treat to share them with you.**

Until next Monday.

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