Lineup #17

Almost as good as the Pats lineup.

Sorry, had to.

Personally I'm still riding the high of watching Julian Edelman throw a TD pass in Saturday's AFC Divisional Playoffs, but I'm guessing most of the world needs a decent sized pick me up as we enter the 2nd real week of 2015. Ask and you shall receive.

Big ups to PH and his 100 Certified Jamz playlist (of which a handful of songs from this week's Lineup came from - it really never disappoints - go subscribe to it), and also to JMS and AD for some more tunes this week. This week's Lineup is a rag tag mix of new favorites and some seriously random sh*t that popped into my brain after a weekend of excessive fried chicken and chips and guacamole, but so I really love it. Hope you do too.

Until next Monday.

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