Lineup #21

And the Grammy goes to...

Not anyone on this week's Lineup.

Sure, the Grammys bring us moments like this and this and most recently this. And who doesn't love looking at slideshows of red carpet hits and misses instead of getting out of bed and going to work on Monday morning (hi! me!). But if we're being totally honest here, does it really matter if an artist has a Grammy or not? Katy Perry probably doesn't think so after being snubbed a whopping 13 times (but selling 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide making her one of the top grossing artists of all time...jokes on you, Recording Academy).

In any case, for this week's Lineup I thought it was only fair to highlight those musicians who have never won a Grammy, some who have never even been nominated, but who are totally deserving of accolades (thanks to KHG for being the brains behind this idea). It's kind of wild who's a part of this group, and only further proves that the Grammy's are quite possibly the most confusing awards show ever.

But luckily makes for 1.5 really entertaining hours of music to start your week off right.

Also, fine - this photo is everything. Not even the biggest of the Grammy haters can deny that.

Until next Monday.

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