Lineup #25

Happy 25th Birthday, TML!

TML turns 25 weeks old today, which is almost 6 months, which is crazy and amazing. This also means there's a lot of music on this little blog - so I've created the Lineup Library to help you find the perfect Lineup whenever you need the extra fix. Because if you're like me, one playlist a week just doesn't cut it.

I spend a lot of hours a week finding and listening to new music, but in between I really love revisiting old Lineups - like Lineup #2 and Lineup #5. It's fun to see what kind of songs I was jamming out to a few months ago (still Big Sean, no surprise there), and it'll be even more fun to look back on TML weekly draft picks years from now.

Because TML will live to be way more than 100. And I couldn't be more excited to grow old together.

Until next Monday.

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