Lineup #27

Into the great wide open.

I'm beyond excited to post the first ever guest Lineup - done by JMS. You've probably seen these initials pop up on TML pretty regularly, but although JMS has amazing taste in new and contemporary music, this girl is a library of classic rock knowledge. I mean, she really knows her sh*t (due in part to the fact that her dad used to quiz her and her brother on the way to school and gave them a dollar for any song that they could name correctly).

When I approached her about doing a guest Lineup of the best of the 1960s and 1970s, it became clear very quickly that it would be impossible to do this era of music justice in a 1.5 hour playlist. And we certainly didn't want it to be something that you hear at a lame bar or bad wedding. When pulling songs together, JMS looked to her parents and their generation for inspiration - imagining them hanging out, getting high, falling in love.

The result was a mega playlist that soon became three smaller playlists. And Lineup #27 is the first installment (stay tuned for 2 and 3 later this year!).

We hope that this week's Lineup is approachable to those who aren't necessarily classic rock junkies like us, but also brings new music (or old favorites back from the archives) for those of you who are.

The vision for this particular Lineup is a contemplative drive on a highway, the perfect playlist for the open road (or your desk), getting lost in your own thoughts getting away from it all for a bit. And in my humble opinion, the perfect way to start your week.

Until next Monday.

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