Lineup #30

And that's a wrap.

Another Coachella in the books. And damn it was a good one.

For those of us coming back from the Desert, you know how real this hangover is. For those of you who didn't, you now have to deal with all of your semi-functioning friends and countless articles and recaps and basically everyone talking about Drake and Madonna's awkward make out.  We're sorry.

For those of you going Weekend 2, refer to Lineup #28 and stop making everyone jealous. It's not nice.

Today is one of the hardest Monday's to beat, but TML is here for you. Simply put, this week's Lineup is full of not too up, not too down, really pleasant sounding music. Because selfishly that sounds superb right about now. And I think it might be just what the doctor ordered for all of you as well.

Thanks to KC for some much appreciated inspiration.

Oh, and for those of you (who live in the Bay Area or LA) who have always wanted to fly to Coachella in a private jet and stay at a villa at the Parker Palm Springs for 4-nights (my favorite hotel ever), SPOILER ALERT: you are in luck. My friends at HotelTonight and FreshJets have put together an awesome package that you can book (including 4 wristbands + shuttle passes) on the HotelTonight app today - just search for Palm Springs and get going before they sell out. FOMO no mo'.

Until next Monday.

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