Lineup #32


This week we're going back to SoundCloud for a roundup of some of my favorite tracks of April. Most of the songs in this week's Lineup are brand new for Spring 2015, featuring a whole slew of fresh artists, producers and remixes. And big ups my boy Vic Mensa who has gone from 0 to 100 and signed with Roc Nation Records last week (mazel tov!).

Lineup #32 is packed to the brim with good vibes. Literally, my whole SoundCloud stream is filled with either dancefloor hits or babymaking music. Making it easier than ever to help me help you get through whatever it is you need getting through this week.

BONUS: I've written before about how much I love Annie Mac's mini-mix segment on BBC Radio1 and I'm a firm believer that you can judge DJ's mixing prowess by what he/she/they can make with a mini-mix. My favorite UK deep house duo Blonde has just blown it out of the water packing in a whopping 39 genre-spanning tracks into their mini-mix. It's a seriously fun and impressive 5 minutes, check it out here.

Until next Monday.

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