Lineup #35


If you've listened to TML before, you know that I'm a big fan of music with tons of complex layered sounds and vocals. I think James Blake is one of the most brilliant musicians of our generation, and I think being in a room is so full of bass that you can literally feel the soundwaves moving through your body is simply the best.

But there's also something so beautiful about music when it is stripped down to its core. No heavy drums or bass - just vocals and a simple accompaniment. It can be both refreshing and incredibly captivating at the same time.

A few weeks ago, Sia released a deluxe version of her 2014 album "1000 Forms of Fear" which included Piano versions of Elastic Heart and Chandelier. Whether you are a Sia fan or not, when you hear these songs there's no denying the power (and perfect amount of vulnerability) behind her truly magnificent vocals in these versions. In so many words, they're like the best thing ever.

This week's Lineup is a collection of acoustic, unplugged, and stripped down songs. And whether you are in San Francisco still fighting off your Bay to Breakers hangover, somewhere else fighting off your fomo from not being there (you know who you are and you were missed) or just fighting those Monday blues, let me tell you - this one sounds good. Almost too good. Desk tears good.

Until next Monday.

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