Lineup #36

Three day weekends are the best.

So let's keep the good times rolling. This week's Lineup has no particular theme, but as it turns out it happens to pair perfectly with the following potential day-off activities:

  • grilling (especially hot dogs)
  • enjoying 1-4 glasses (pitchers) of sangria
  • road tripping back home
  • finally cleaning out your closet
  • getting over the FOMO inducing snap stories from Ibiza and Sasquatch

If you don't have the day off, I'm sorry. I present to you 1 hour of goodness to help you get through the day.

But regardless of where you are today, we've got it pretty good, and we have the men and women of our armed forces to thank for protecting this crazy weird beautiful amazing nation of ours. Let's take a moment to honor. Happy MDW.

Until next Monday.

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