Lineup #52

The last of the first.

I spent the past weekend at the home I grew up in outside of Boston. Much to my dismay, my parents forcibly made me clean out my room, which has basically remained intact since the day I moved to California 8 years ago. It shouldn't surprise you that my CD and cassette tape collection is extensive. Like, shelves and CD books and a 60 disc changer stereo full of everything under the sun.

As much fun as it was to find the physical forms of albums like Spice Girls - "Spice", Oasis - "What's the Story Morning Glory?" and a cassette tape of the Space Jam soundtrack (not on Spotify btw), the most entertainment came from uncovering the 100s of mix CDs that I started making as soon as I figured out how to download music from the Internet.

TML is just shy of it's 1st birthday, but finding all of those old CDs reminded me that my love for making playlists and mix tapes has much deeper roots. My taste in music has changed over the years, but the joy and satisfaction behind putting together playlists and sharing them has remained constant. So with love (and some tracks from AT), I give to you Lineup #52 - the last Lineup of TML's inaugural year.

Until next Monday.

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