Lineup #6

We gettin' fancy.

The Monday Lineup turns the ripe age of 6 (weeks) today and to celebrate, we're stepping up the game a bit with a brand new super-organized archive section where you can view past Lineups by month. I know, just what you were always wishing for! Check it out on the top navigation bar!

This week's Lineup was inspired by a few recent shows, a few upcoming shows, and some new and old favorites from JMS, TGR and NDW. And if you're looking for more, I highly recommend doing a full listen through of Jessie Ware's latest album "Tough Love", Ásgeir's 2013 debut album "In the Silence" (which was just shared to me and was on repeat all of last week) and Sylvan Esso's self-titled debut album "Sylvan Esso". All 3 albums could make for amazing Lineups all on their own and are top notch for getting you through the work week, or midterms or, if you are me, a messy room and a sh*tload of laundry.

Until next Monday.

Mix of the Week: The Magician - Magic Tape One

In preparation for The Magician's upcoming show in SF this Thursday night, it only felt right for this week's Mix of the Week to be The Magician's first ever installment of his almost monthly mixtape series. He first posted this on SoundCloud over 4 years ago as his debut shortly after splitting off from Aeroplane, and 45 Magic Tapes later he's still going at it. Number One may be a few years old, but it's such a quality mix that I wouldn't even hate it if he hit the decks on Thursday and just played this one out. I'm still on the hunt for a tracklist, so if you find one please please send it my way.

PS. Big thanks to my favorite food blogger The Healthy Maven and the world's best web administrator for helping me build the archives and for the mega speed improvements to the site. TML would be nothing without your expertise!

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