Lineup #8

Making The Lineup.

While definitely not as exciting as MTV's hit series Making The Video, I thought I'd share with you how this week's Lineup was created - in case you are curious. If you aren't, feel free to just hit play and I promise I won't be offended. Scouts honor.

I'm obsessed with my Evernote. I keep a running list of music I need to listen to - whether full albums, mixtapes or single songs. And I also keep a running list of songs I know I want to put in a Lineup. And whether these songs are available on Spotify or SoundCloud is usually what dictates which Lineup they get put in. All week I'm adding things crossing things off these lists.

When it's a week that I want to make a Lineup on Spotify, I usually have a handful of songs that I really want to use that are only available through Spotify (and not SoundCloud). These songs become the core of the Lineup. This week these include: Betty Who - Missing You, Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling, Gorgon City - Coming Home, AlunaGeorge - Supernatural and Flight Facilities - Sunshine feat. Reggie Watts. 

Then the real fun begins to build out the rest of the Lineup. The obvious choices like A-Trak - Push (feat. Andrew Wyatt), which I have literally had on repeat all week. Going back through old playlists to find obsessions from a few months ago like Quadron - Hey Love and Chela - Romanticise. Going to concerts and for the second time being completely blown away by Rhye's live version of Last Dance. Randomly thinking about Florence + The Machine and realizing how much better Monday morning would be if it started with the opening string section of Swimming. Noticing there was a lack of hip hop and rap in this Lineup and that College Dropout era Kanye was the best way to fix this.

And with a little help from friends (shout out to AD and TB this week) and a little playing around with track order, this week's Lineup was born. A healthy 18 songs weighing 1 hour and 17 minutes (+ a Mix of the Week that's to start your week off right.

Until next Monday.

Mix of the Week: Thomas Jack - Tropical House Vol. 2

Summer may be way over, but here in San Francisco we're still holding on with a causal 75 degree and Sunny weekend. Felt like a good enough excuse to post one of my favorite mixes of this Spring/Summer - the 2nd installment of Thomas Jack's Tropical House mixes. I've written before about how Tropical House absolutely exploded on the Interwebs this summer, and we have Thomas Jack to thank for that. This mix is particularly fun because it really gets grooving in the middle - see if you can spot some deep-er house tracks that I wrote about last week. Also the amount of bootlegs and samples in this thing is bountiful. I promise you it's just what the doctor ordered.

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