Lineup #9

I'll cover you.

The idea to do a Lineup consisting entirely of covers came to me last week. At first I was so excited about the idea, but then I almost abandoned ship. First of all, there's a million covers out there. Think about any concert you go to - 9 times out of 10 an artist does a cover song at some point in the set. And then for actual recorded cover music - there's your classic covers that everyone knows and loves (i.e. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah), the vocalists that basically only record slowed down versions of pop and rap songs (like Lissie), and songs like You've Got The Love - Florence + The Machine that until 4 days ago, I didn't even realize wasn't an original.  How could I possibly make a Lineup that encompassed everything? Especially when some of my favorite covers like Daughter - Get Lucky are only available on YouTube.

For this reason I enlisted the help of some friends. I casually asked JMS what her favorite cover songs were on gchat - her response was "Woah, that's a loaded question. Give me a minute to think." And then an hour later sent me an entire playlist of songs to pick and choose from. When I emailed EGM asking for her favorites, she emailed me back her top 4 choices. To no one's surprise, her top 4 are also my top 4 and are all featured in the Lineup this week. Infinite thanks to you both.

But then there's the fact that covers are also incredibly divisive. People get really attached to the original versions of songs, myself included. Sorry in advance, I know I've offended at least a few of you by the choices I made for this Lineup.

But after a lot of thinking, these are the ones that are sticking with me this week. And while it's far from all encompassing, I hope you'll find at least one song you like, one song that surprises you for the very fact that it is a cover, and one song that turns the original upside down for you in the best way possible.

If you feel so inclined to share your own favorite covers, I'd love to hear about them.

Until next Monday.

Mix of the Week:

I'm cheating this week and instead of a Mix of the Week, I'm giving you a B-side to Lineup #9 with 3 covers that aren't on Spotify but 100% belong in this week's Lineup (insert comment about not being able to combine both music sources in on playlist). Sorry I'm not sorry for the change up, and I promise after listening you won't be either.

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