Dissect Podcast - Season 2

Okay. Without any exaggeration, Dissect podcast is my favorite discovery of the year, hands down. Shout out to my girl Brooks for the hot tip. If you are at all a fan of Kanye West, drop what you are doing and go listen to Season 2 of Dissect. I don't even care if you don't finish reading this post, that's how much I love this podcast.

On each episode of Dissect Season 2 Host (and personal hero) Cole Cuchna "dissects" an individual track on Kanye West's seminal album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Season 1 was Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly). Cuchna takes an almost academic approach to exploring this album, but it's far from dry. He teaches about music theory (his mini "lectures" on interpolation and sampling are excellent), breaks down the lyrics, and contextualizes everything to this specific period of Kanye's life while he was dealing with the aftermath of the Taylor Swift / VMAs situation. There's even 3 episodes of Kanye West history before he even starts breaking down the album (!!).

Dissect is also a labor of love. It takes Cuchna over 20 hours to produce each episode, and he does it without a team and without any funding from advertisements while maintaining a full time job. Like I said, hero status (you can support his Patreon page here).

And look, I get it. Kanye, like all of us, is not without his flaws. But no matter what you feel, Dissect Season 2 will give you a whole new perspective on Kanye and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Check out Episode 1 below,