Pose - FX

Pose, Ryan Murphy's latest (and last) project for TV network FX, is breaking all sorts of boundaries and records. Not only does Murphy have seemingly unlimited budget to get the rights for any song he wants to feature in the series, but the cast features 5 transgender leading actresses and has 2 transgender women in the writers room (who co-wrote last night's poignant Christmas episode) - by far the most trans representation on any major television series. 

Set in New York City in the late 1980s, it's a show about centered around house ball culture (now's a good time to watch documentary Paris is Burning if you haven't), juxtaposed with the rise of the ultra-rich, ultra-showy original Trump-era culture. Or as cast member Billy Porter says, "It's about choosing celebration in the face of the darkest of odds".

So as one would expect (with the aforementioned Murphy budget), the music is on point. Each week we've been treated to a musical showcase of 80s house, disco, pop and soft rock and I am here for it (so is Lineup #196). 

Check out a behind the scenes look at Season 1 of Pose below, and get into the groove with this Spotify playlist of music featured so far on the series.