serpentwithfeet - soil


Josiah Wise, aka serpentwithfeet, released his debut full length album soil in June. On first listen, I was hooked by the James Blake meets Moses Sumney vibes - but to just compare serpentwithfeet to those two artists doesn't do him justice. He's a classically trained vocalist, he's a poet as much as he is musician, and he bends religious tropes into his own unapologetic self-expression of queer love and heartbreak.

Plus despite his face tattoos and giant septum ring, he's a lovable eccentric sweetheart.

What I'm trying to say is absolutely give this album a spin, and make sure to pay attention to the lyrics. If you have the chance to see him perform live, do not miss the opportunity.

And to get the full picture of his lovable eccentricities, read his Fader Cover Story. Spoiler alert: he has a Brandy doll (yes, the 90s R&B singer) that he carries around with him at most times.